Welcome to my website portfolio! I am currently a 22 year old student at the University of Georgia studying Journalism in Grady College of Journalism. After a long time of trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I decided that whatever my future held, I needed to include people and their stories.

People are why I do what I do and love what I love. Everyone is unique and has a personal story to tell. My goal is to tell it well. I think there are people that are unable to tell their stories for whatever circumstance and I have come to find that those are often the most compelling.

No matter their background or lived experience, every person has an important story to tell and no two are ever the same. Even if their life is different than mine their story could impact someone, somewhere and that is the goal. The beauty of the human race is that there is always something that can tie everyone together but there are never two people that have all the same ties.